"Featuring Rebecca Avery's solid performance as a remorseless murderer."


"Avery portrays her character beautifully as an earthy sensualist."  CALENDARLIVE.COM

"As the resident love interest Rebecca Avery is like a living breathing Stradavarius, using the depth of her vocal range to create an indelible character.


"Rebecca is the kind of actor who grounds the entire room when she begins, she has such presence, grace and raw power.  Her range of character and depth of emotion is rare to see and inspiring to witness."

MAGGIE KILEY Film Director,EP (Dirty John, Katy Keene, What/If, Riverdale, Guidance, AHS)

The art of understatement is such that one must feel the pain that lies beneath in order for it to matter, otherwise it's just one big throwaway.  You brought all that pain and more.  I loved your voice, your intelligence and you were a delight to work with." 

LEO GETER (Exec. Producer, Writer on Major Crimes, The Closer and Close To Home)

"Avery steals the show with a performance that is by turns laceratingly funny, cannily intelligent, sexily manipulative and passionately dramatic." VARIETY

(review for "The Brothers Karamazov" at The John Anson Ford also starring John Goetz and Paul Witten)

"Rebecca Avery does a noteworthy turn as a woman who takes pleasure in life, yet can also use and destroy people with ease." LOS ANGELES TIMES

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