Rebecca Avery
Film/Television/Web (partial list)

911 Lone Star                                     Amy Ackerman                         Gwyneth Horder-Peyton/FOX

Modern Family                                   Re-curring/Denise                    Jim Hensz/Jeffrey WalkerABC

How To Get Away With Murder       Ice Agent                                   Catriona Mackenzie/ABC

Criminal Minds                                   Kim Rowlings                            Rob Hardy/CBS

Academic Super Squad                     Principal Holiday                     Taylor Gates/Outfest YFA

Overnights                                          Re-curring/Aunt Georgia          Veronica Rodriguez/Youtube Red

Guidance                                             Re-curring/Naomi                     Maggie Kiley/Julian Higgins/Go90

Danny The Manny                             Re-curring/Karen                       Mike Roma/Web Series

Casual                                                  Judy                                            Karyn Kusama/hulu

Spare Room                                        Lillian's Mother                        Jenica Bergere/285 Pictures

The Motions                                       Mrs. Nelson                              Frank Donnangelo/AFI

Traded                                                 Miss Eivers                               Timothy Woodward Jr./Status Media & Ent.

The Weeper                                        Boss                                          Brett Fleischer/Cornucopia Prods.

Golden California                              Sandy                                        Megan Brotherton/ Cliché Films

If Google Was A Guy                          Concerned Mom                    Tim Wilkerson/ College Humor

Original Dads Of Comedy                 Rick's Wife                               Tim Wilkerson/ College Humor

Stay                                                       Mom                                         Bobcat Goldthwait/Harebrained Pictures

The West Wing                                    Re-curring/Anna                     Alex Graves/NBC

Training & Workshops (partial list)

Committed Impulse  (ongoing)                                                                        Josh Pais

Atlantic Theatre Co. West Coast                                                                      Maggie Kiley, Lee Cohn, Paul Urcioli

Acting For Film                                                                                                   Bob Krakower, Wendi Davis

Commercial Technique                                                                                     Judy Kain/Killian McHugh

Atlantic Theater Co. Training Program                                                           William H. Macy, Felicity Huffman,

Part-time                                                                                                             Mary McCann, Scott Zigler,

Suzuki                                                                                                                  Kim Weild

Bachelor Of Arts                                                                                                Loyola Marymount University


THEATRE (partial list)

*The Brothers Karamazov                 Lead                                                     Circle X/The Ford Amphitheater/John Langs

Marley’s Ghost                                     Lead                                                     Circle X/Hollywood Forever/Matt Bretz

An American Book Of The Dead,      Lead                                                     Circle X / The Met/Jim Anzide &

The Game Show                                                                                                Jonathon Westerberg

1969                                                       Lead                                                    Rogue Machine/Tony Gatto

Frozen (West Coast Premiere)           Lead                                                    Pilot Light Theatre /Travis Lasere

A Midsummer Night’s Dream            Lead                                                    Theatricum Botanicum/Ellen Geer

Commercials (Partial List)

Verizon                                                                                                                 Tom Hooper/Smuggler

XFINITY/2 spots                                                                                                   Magnus Hardner/BRF

Applebees/3 Spots                                                                                             Scott Corbett/Station Films

Time Warner Cable/2 spots                                                                              David Gray/Station Films

Verizon/2 Spots                                                                                                  Ryan Ebner/HSI

Chevy/2 Spots                                                                                                     Randy Krallman/SMUGGLER                                                                                                              Zack Math/BOB INDUSTRIES

ESPN Fantasy Football/2 Spots                                                                        Harold Einstein/DUMMY Films

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