Cont. Romance, Humor, 1st Person, M/F Dialogue
YA, First Person, Thriller
Literary Fiction, 3rd Person, F/F Dialogue
Non Fiction Humorous

The art of understatement is such that one must feel the pain that lies beneath in order for it to matter, otherwise it's just one big throwaway.  You brought all that pain and more.  I loved your voice, your intelligence and you were a delight to work with." 

Leo Geter (Director, Exec. Producer, Writer)

Literary Non Fiction
Middle Grade M/F Dialogue
Romantic Comedy 1st Person F/F Dialogue
Mystery/Humor,1st Person Southern Accent, F/F Dialogue
Romance, Humor Fiction

Rebecca Avery is like a living breathing Stradavarius, using the depth of her vocal range to create an indelible character."

Grounded, Empathetic & Quirky

Studio: Raw, clean, punched audio from Enhanced Scotts Booth