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Sci Fi 1st Person F/F British Accent
Middle Grade, 3rd Person, 2 F/1 M,story about bravery.
Non Fiction Science
Children's Book /Bear /Mouse/ British
Thriller, 3rd Person, M Dialogue
Historical Fiction, 3rd Person, M/F German/Polish

Recent Release:

Be Unexpected Book Cover.jpg
Memoir - Depression - Sarcasm
Sci Fi 1st Person M/F
Literary Fiction, 3rd Person, F/F
Memoir Business
Comedy Crime Fiction, 1st Person, Southern F/F
Romance /M/F Argument

I think your version of this book will stand comfortably head & shoulders above other works of a similar bent due to the unique emotional resonance of your performance. I have no performance notes to speak of at this point, as your take is about as close to 'perfect' as it gets. Brilliantly done!

Ian McInnes, Producer Learning Ally

"Rebecca, thank you for sharing your talent.  You are amazing!" Marva Bailer, Author

Studio: Raw, clean, punched audio, 2i2 Scarlett, Aston Origin, Twisted Wave, Double Enhanced 4 x 3 Booth 

Rosters:  Macmillan, Audible, Dreamscape, Deyan, Lantern, Scribd, Learning Ally

"Rebecca has been a delight to work with.  From her audition, through the recording process, and beyond, her professionalism shone through!  Lantern Audio is sure to make full use of her talent to bring more audiobooks to life.  What a voice!" Kevin Stillwell, Producer, Lantern Audio

Accents: American Southern, British, RP, Polish, NY, New England, Minnesotan, Irish, British, Russian, German

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Rebecca Avery is like a living breathing Stradavarius, using the depth of her vocal range to create an indelible character."

Warm, Grounded & Authentic

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