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Dry, Grounded, Smart, Authentic and Funny...

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"Rebecca is the kind of actor that grounds the entire room when she begins, she has such presence, grace and raw power.  Her range of character and depth of emotion is rare to see and inspiring to witness."  

MAGGIE KILEY: Director, EP, Writer

(Dr. Death, Dirty John, Riverdale, AHS, Caught)

Rebecca recently narrated the documentary "The Mark Twain Company"

“Adam Goldman‘s deadpan inventory of the evolution of Twain’s familial and cultural bequests constitutes a canny critical treatise on relations between artists, estates, heirs, intellectual property, and public memory. Masterfully controlled, the half-hour work offers crucial insights into how artistic intentions are unexpectedly transformed by historical forces.” – Craig Baldwin

Contact:  323-692-1700 
Avalon Artists Group

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